Seeking Answers From Within:  The Thought Is Scary

by Unconsciousmess Administrator


Twirling and tumbling ‘spinning’ tops, some lying sideways on the ground. 

Ungrounded, without a sense of direction to head towards.

Life seems scary, confusing and out of focus.

If this is the way you feel, then you need to take the time to find your own answers.  Unconsciousmess is here offering our love and support while you’re on your journey.


One way to find answers:  to attempt chiseling away at knowledge you gather from the outside world.


A more direct way to find answers:

Here are my ten, non-scary, easy ways to get you started at seeking answers from within.

  1. Moving beyond your thoughts. 
    • Relax and let go of preconceived notions or expectations of what answers you think you’ll find.  Thoughts can get in the way here, so set them aside for the moment.  As it is said, “you can’t transcend the mind by thinking…you can only go beyond the mind by stepping outside it”.
  2. Willingness to know more. 
    • Intuition and self-knowledge aren’t taught, they are allowed.  You already have this capability within you.  If you haven’t been using it, then it’s dormant within you.  Reclaim ownership.
  3. Inward Acceptance. 
    • Start a relationship with the ‘voice within’, the authentic you.  All it takes is intention and a bit of practice.  What were looking for here is a way to open dialogue between you and your inner ‘voice’.
    • You can begin by incorporating the use of any of the following techniques that help you create an inner dialogue:
  • Honest list making
  • Q & A: Sitting alone with your thoughts, letting them lead you; pay special attention to and questioning your own thoughts.  For instance, why the subject matter is important enough to be in your thoughts, how long have you felt that way, why do you feel this way and is it the way you want to feel,  what are some characteristics of the person or event that you like/dislike, etc.  Respond honestly.  You’d be amazed where your mind wonders…
  • Imagination (Think-up scenarios-real or imagined) and dissect your responses as they come out of you mind.
  • Journaling
  • Silence:  meditation, yoga, labyrinths, nature, etc.  (This one may be the toughest for beginners that don’t feel like they have a ‘voice’ yet).
  1. Honest Listening. 
    • Listen to your heart when in doubt.  Be accepting.
    • The dialogue may not be the key to your answers, but your thoughts are.  So pay careful attention to the thoughts that are at the forefront of your mind; your ‘instinctual responses’ can provide enormous insight into your true thoughts and feelings on something.
  2. Workout. 
    • Build on the strength of your relationship.  Once you connect with yourself, don’t throw it away.  Maintain a healthy relationship, working at it often.
    • Don’t forget to reward yourself with moments of solitude for inner peace building and enjoyment.
  3. Ask reflective questions. 
    • Seek out the wisdom your inner self can provide you with.  Grow.
    • Learn to set aside the ‘ego’
  4. Embrace your answers. 
    • Don’t dismiss them.
    • Leave room in your growing for somewhere safe to place the unresolved questions so that you can come back to them at a later time.
  5. Give yourself permission to love yourself. 
    • Build a positive self-image of what you’re trying to create.  What helps:  is in understanding that time heals and the comprehension of the fact that we’re human; which means that no one is perfect and we all make mistakes.
  6. Re-evaluating limiting belief systems that hold you back.
    • Respectfully break the rules that go against your inner knowledge and trust yourself.
  7. Cast love into your inner and outer life. 
    • Accept what you can’t change and work to forgive yourself and others.
    • Work at adding love to your life, start by loving yourself and work outwards.

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