A Parents Wish for Their Child

Let them always be safe.  I pray that the world embraces them within its protection and that they always heed to safety using their own abundance of wits.

Let them confidently continue to express themselves without fear.

Let them have complete faith in their inner strength and may they never loose sight of it.  Let them never to be swayed to give in, give up or share in their inner abilities.

Let their life be guided by personal wisdom beyond their years.

Let their actions be guided by personal respect for all people, including themselves.

Let them find a partner, if they choose, that exemplifies real love so that they may be loved by a partner like that in this life time.  May their partner steer them to a happy life, treat them right and never do them wrong.  May my child have the foresight to know to want this as well.

Let them diligently learn from their mistakes without ever having to suffer.

Let them be strong, independent and free thinking so that they may never take bad advice from others.  May they always be able to recognize the truth above the lies. 

Let them never to see imagination as anything less than empowering.  May they have the wisdom to know that true freedom lies within the mind.

Let them confidently live by their inner code and contribute goodness to this world.  May they also know how to find pleasure in all that they do and may they find extreme pleasure in all that they do wholeheartedly.

Let their friends be loyal and kind like them.  May they have the insight to know who their friends really are and the ability to choose them well.

Let them have an overflowing abundance of love in their life.  May they always use that love to create blessing in their own life and in the lives of others.

Let them know the real beauty and value of the female power:  May my daughter always be confident with her own body.  May she always know in her heart and be accepting of the real beauty of being a woman.  May she never mistake or misinterpret its power.  May my son acknowledge in his heart all his female counterparts and may he always treat them respectfully.  May he never be swayed or tainted from the truth he was taught and from the knowledge he holds within.

Let them poses the wisdom and gift to judge people only by what’s inside their hearts.

Let them be content and healthy all of their life.

Let them never intentionally cause another harm.

Let them not to be controlled by their mind alone:  may they let their heart guide them, while letting their mind empower them.

Last, but not least, let them always feel the love of their family.  May they always know that they are supported by the unconditional and true love of their parents.


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