Correcting Wrong Actions

By Unconsciousmess Administrator


Feel free to adapt this list of apologies for yourself.


To the people of the world, I am sorry for my past wrong actions and the pain they would have caused.


I’m sorry for letting my principles stroll out of my mouth so arrogantly and imploding on your different (or non-existent) set of beliefs, when I should have been telling you, we’re the same underneath and I love you.


I’m sorry for ignoring you because you don’t fit into my description of what I want to find.  When instead of dismissing you, I should have known your value and that I love you.


I’m sorry for being the cause of your physical harm.  I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.  I’ve since learned that my feelings are my own and I should never force them upon another.  Before my actions got offensive, I should have paused for a moment and said you’re a person just like me and I love you.


I’m sorry for not being able to live up to the faith you had in me.  My past actions didn’t always represent what I felt inside and I recognize now that some lessons you can only learn by living them.  While you were a very important person in my life; your life with me at that time was diluted to just an injured bystander.  While my life was full of regrettable actions, I should have been the first to let you know that my actions were a reflection of me at that time in my life and I apologize to you for all you had to suffer through because of me, I love you.


I’m sorry for yelling, getting angry and defensive about the principle rights of select groups of people.  I have learned the difference between how I want to act and how I represent myself, while caring for all people.  The irony is that instead of protesting for peace with anger, I should have been shouting I love you.


I’m sorry for not learning sooner that the ‘world doesn’t revolve around me’.  I recognize that I and the world would have been happier if I hadn’t wasted all those thoughts with only me as the focus.  I respect you for how patient you had to have been with me.  Instead of focusing just on ‘me’, I should have at least let you known that I was mindful of your presence and better yet, I should have unselfishly let you known that I love you.


I’m sorry for glaring at you when you bought an item I thought less of, when I should have been more thoughtful and said I love you.


Whether the wrongs were intentional or unintentional, I should have immediately said I’m sorry for my wrong actions against you.  I apologize now for the fact that you never received the appropriate apology.  I acknowledge my misery of that time in my life and realize my actions have consequences to me and trickling  effects on others that aren’t always so apparent.  My actions were wrong.  I should have told you that I recognized how we are the same, how I would never want my actions to adversely affect you, that you’re very special and beautiful person to me and I love you.






2 thoughts on “Correcting Wrong Actions

  1. Hi.
    i just found your blog and i really like it. i feel you. my boyfriend does alot for me. he does all the normal guy stuff like fixing the car and stuff. he helps out with or son (he’s 2) and he even washes dishes sometimes. but he hardly ever says he loves me. i mean, i know he loves me because of the things he do, but he never SAYS it. i tried telling him how important it is to me to actually hear him say it, but he just say that he doesn’t like saying it out loud. what kind of a man can’t say i love you? i get mad at him for not ever saying it. if hearing him tell me he loves me is something I need, don’t i deserve to hear it? should i just get used to him not being able to tell me he loves me? i mean, i know he loves me, but i just want to hear the words i love you sometimes you know.

  2. You are worthy of love: so be comfortable loving yourself for your own stability and embracing the love that you do receive.

    Let go of your expectations of what he should be doing and saying, of how you think the relationship should be and of what you feel you deserve, and give him the chance to love you in his own way.

    Most importantly, listen to your own heart. If you’re still dissatisfied with the love you’re receiving, then try to communicate effectively with him; making sure he’s understanding just what it is he’s doing, what it is you want from him and how it makes you feel when you don’t get it.

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