3 Love Lessons that I Learned the Hard Way

By Unconsciousmess Administrator

1-   Happiness isn’t a gift. 

One of the biggest fairytale myths out there is the belief that your partner will be your source of happiness.  Happiness doesn’t work that way.  No one can gift you happiness.

2-   Don’t work to be someone’s everything.

The best advice I’ve ever heard is that you shouldn’t work to be someone’s everything but rather work to be their favorite part.

3-  Friends are a blessing.

Sometimes, with new relationships we feel the need to consume ourselves and our time with our partner and somehow end up losing our own life we had created. Being supportive of previous healthy relationships and the support in creating new healthy ones shouldn’t be too much to ask in a relationship.

ALL my married (women) friends agree that marriage can be or is lonely.  From previous experience I’m telling you we all need ‘outside friendships’ and all women need the support of their women friends.  Any parent can testify to the need of outside experience and with the same thought, many married individuals need outside help as well.  Books are good, but sometimes just hearing it come out of the mouth of someone else is a god send!  Friends are invaluable sources of knowledge, experience and support, which we all need from time to time.


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