All I (Really) Want for Christmas


…Is Everything This World Truly Lacks.

By Unconsciousmess Administrator


1) Love, in all we say, do, feel and think.

2) Respect for others.

3) Patience with everything and everyone.

4) Gentleness  in all we do.

5) Healthy minds (Mental health).

6) Responsibility being taken for ourselves and all our actions.

7) Businesses reflecting the human consciousness in their every decision (Businesses after all, are run by people).

8) Being consciously mindful (loving, present, empathizing, understanding and acknowledging of life in your surrounding) versus selfish thought patterns (dull, insincere, unemotional, unaware and unsympathetic).

9) Cultivation of personal knowledge and inner peace.

10) Acknowledgement of our connection and effect to everything and everyone in this world of ours.

11) A world where people take care of people; where we share our talents and gifts responsibly and joyfully, but not for profit.

12) A new outlook; one with no victim mentality and fear.




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