Mindful Thoughts: How to Correct and Manage Your Thoughts Mindfully

Change the way you think about things through the use of:

  1. Developing a positive attitude

    Daily affirmations

    Mental concentration (Imagination)

    Center yourself in simple, daily spiritual applications that uplift you

    Redesign your life philosophy, thoughtfully


  2. Amending your old way of thinking and past behaviors

    Curb energy wasted in emotional excesses

    Maintaining the reins of control over your actions and behaviors

    Take appropriate care of the body

    Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine


  3. Giving your mind chances to rest

    Quiet the minds thinking processes (Meditation, etc.)

    Stimulate the brain

    Learn the correct breathing exercises


  4. Creating a positive flow of life energy

    Incorporate low impact movement activities for increased circulation

    Improve nutrition

    Maintaining, improving and curbing illness for bodily health


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