Top 10 Things I LOVE About People

  1. The way a persons smile is a thing of beauty, inspiration and a starting point; especially for someone who needs it.
  2. Our ability to be love and kindness.
  3. The way possibility is everywhere; in everything and everyone.
  4. How we can communicate and share in innate universal languages and body language that everyone understands.
  5. Ability to accomplish and create.
  6. How our hearts, even when we don’t recognize them, can jump “out of” our chest under certain situations.  How we can change at a moments notice or at will.
  7. The way we all look at life with hunger, even in bleak circumstances.
  8. How you can’t deny Love.
  9. How we all share in this life: I don’t think I would like it alone.
  10. The way I don’t hate you.  Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

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