Eight Thoughts On Why Being “Open-minded” is Misunderstood

“No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit.”- Helen Keller


Eight thoughts on why being “open-minded” is misunderstood:


1- Being open-minded doesn’t mean…I am going to agree with you.  I am open-minded enough to know I’m free from your thoughts, there not mine, but you, your entitled to your own thoughts.


2- Being open-minded doesn’t mean…that I’m not going to take a stand on something.  I’m just not going to judge you for your non-stance or opposition to my stance.


3- Being open-minded doesn’t mean…I always get it right.  Honestly, some people bug me (but, at least I try).


4- Being open-minded doesn’t mean…that I have a habit of letting strangers into my house.  I’m trying to control my life, not give it away or get hurt in the process.  (Yes, I do believe in charity, but that’s a separate issue).


5- Being open-minded doesn’t mean…I won’t pass by you without a thought.  I do think: weird.  I’ve just developed its companion thought of acceptance.  I honor your right to be weird (or different).


6- Being open-minded doesn’t mean…that I don’t have dreams because you see me making the most out of my life.  My life is good, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have aspirations.  My dreams are real and with less preoccupation on stressors, I can focus more attention on all areas of my life!  Yes, I do know what worries are like.  I just recognize the choice to not let them be a ruling factor.


7- Being open-minded doesn’t mean…I don’t understand why groups like ‘open-minded’ ones get a bad rap.  Occasionally, people (keyword-people) sometimes take it too far.  I recognize this.  You have this scenario in all groups.


8- Being open-minded doesn’t mean…that my life is less valuable than yours.  I made a personal choice to think, educate and live out my life path to open-mindedness because it fits with what I want out of life: control over my freedom, my life.  Life is the ultimate gift for any one person, to valuable to let others manipulate.  My life is not dictated by someone else’s thinking that their life is more valuable than mine or that my life is incomplete.  The truth is; were all the same in this department: were all here to experience, to learn, and to grow as spirits within the human form.  We are all equally valuable.


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