Top 3 Love Mistakes

It’s easy to confuse love for something else.  With media and failed relationships, sometimes maturing a healthy relationship with love gets misplaced or distorted.  Here are my top three love mistakes that I feel are the most common:

  • Undervaluing love & yourself:  This is actually two points in one.

First, Love has value and everyone wants love.  It is the ultimate reason for living.  Love is a powerful reason in and of itself.  I don’t need to remind you of what all has been done in the name of love or the capacity it has to change things.

Second, love starts with you.  You are a conduit to which love has the potential to be expressed.  So, do your own self a favor and fill your world with love.  On an additional note, no one can love you if you don’t first love yourself, so open yourself to the possibility of love.

  • Misunderstanding the truth of love:  We all have the capacity to experience and share love in all its greatness, we just seem to have the habit of not realizing its potential.

To realize its potential we need to set aside ourselves in the gifting of love.  Real love is a self-less act.  Simply put, you love to love, not love to gain.

Expectations are a sign of misunderstanding Love.

  • Crazy obsession:  Love doesn’t give you ownership or entitlement.

The self-less act of love still requires you to stand back instead of controlling, manipulating or “sharing” someone else’s life.  The next time you try to be someone elses “everything”, why not try to just be someones favorite part of their life instead.

(True) love is miraculous.  Don’t sell yourself short of anything less than miracles.  Learn the truth of love and be a representative for love in all its glory.


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