To Love Life

I can’t say that my life has turned out the way I thought it would.

I can’t say I’ve always had an easy life.

I can’t say I’ve never been hurt, abused, mistreated or even overlooked.

I can describe my past as a series of emotional turbulence, of which, I seemed to have exhausted pieces of me.

The only thing that matters: is how I choose to describe my present (and therefore future).

I mulled for years over my broken self before finally gaining the courage and knowledge to take an initiative to make a change.

It’s taken a while to see that all my mistakes and all my hurts…have led me to this moment in time. I know it brought me to here no matter if it was in darkness or in light, and in this moment, I know everything is as it should be and I have nothing to fear.

Change is a new outlook, and at the same time, a new point of view.

It’s simple really.

A thought in my head.

A change within.

A new state of mind.

The ability to not get all worked up over the things that don’t truly matter.

I see now the things which make life worth living; the simple truths and the joy of the everyday.

I have a choice and I made mine: I love life.


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